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A major new conference dedicated to the changing demands of your customers.

Retailing is no longer about what you want to sell, but what your customer wants to buy.

With consumer behaviour rapidly evolving towards anytime/anywhere shopping together with the ascendancy of marketing, proliferation of product information channels and advances in computing power; buying and merchandising executives are having to rethink their strategies to ensure the omnichannel customer remains loyal.

The Buying and Merchandising Summit will help you to consider these strategies and give you time to reflect upon and learn about, the market, your peers and the latest developments in sector technology.

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Questions you may be considering:

  • Do away with excel spreadsheets by embracing new technologies that can speed up your processes many times over
  • How can you overcome the challenges of silo organizations, legacy processes & systems?
  • How can you quickly respond to changes in buyer behaviour and how can your organisation be flexible enough to ensure your customers keep spending money?
  • How can you move from product-centric merchandising to a consumer-centric model?
  • Learn how to protect brand value, price optimisation and loyalty in a highly competitive digitally-enabled world
  • Evaluate which omnichannel fulfilment strategies offer retailers the best ROI
  • Predict what buying and merchandising will look like in 2018

If these are questions your organisation is asking internally, then the Buying and Merchandising Summit will help you address and answer these challenges.

Brian Kilcourse New

Here’s what our Chairman, Brian Kilcourse, has to say about this exciting new conference:

“The retail industry is going through a fundamental shift as it reacts to information-empowered consumers. Consumers use web-enabled technologies to find relevant solutions to their lifestyle needs anytime and anywhere, and retailers must respond with targeted and relevant products and services delivered when and how consumers want them.  At the Buying & Merchandising Summit, you will meet with your peers for an exchange of viewpoints about how to address the challenges and opportunities created by this shift.”

Speakers already signed up include:

If you’d like to find out more details on getting involved with the Buying & Merchandising Summit, whether it’s registering your interest to attend, becoming a speaker, or the sponsorship opportunities available, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.

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